The Dumb Waiter is a one-act play by Harold Pinter written in 1957. "Small but perfectly formed, The Dumb Waiter might be considered the best of Harold Pinter's early plays, more consistent than The Birthday Party and sharper than The Caretaker. It combines the classic characteristics of early Pinter – a paucity of information and an atmosphere of menace, working-class small-talk in a claustrophobic setting – with an oblique but palpable political edge and, in so doing, can be seen as containing the germ of Pinter's entire dramatic oeuvre". "The Dumb Waiter is Pinter distilled – the very essence of a writer who tapped into our desire to seek out meaning, confront injustice and assert our individuality." with: Jacqueline Moré Charlie Anderle Play by: Harold Pinter Directed by: Pablo Salinas The 111 Machine Co.
Espectáculo en Inglés subtitulado en castellano.
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